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B&G Foods is an American holding company for branded foods. It was founded in 1889 to sell pickles, relish and condiments. The B&G name is from the Bloch and Guggenheimer families, sellers of pickles in Manhattan. It is based in Parsippany, New Jersey and has about 2,500 employees. Kenneth G. Romanzi is the company's CEO and president. B&G has been publicly traded for more than a decade as of 2018

A former employee mentioned, "I Have been an employee at B&G Foods for over a year having never missed a day in that time. On 7/18/20 I was running a fever of 100.3° this is a risk factor for covid-19 by any companies standards besides B&G they say 100.4 I attempted to call in out of caution. The area coach and GM told me I had to come. I got fired that day for letting them know it's sad customer and employee health is not a priority."


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Processing / Packaging Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balanceHorrible place to work roches and rats no sanitation employees do not wash there hands only 10 min breaks 20 min lunch they make you work through a temp service no benfits they treat temp employees like second class citizens constanly threatning to fire you intimidate you the temp service The Sorce does not have your back DO NOT WORK THERE UNLESS YOU HAVE A BACKUP PLAN● Pay & benefitsNone● Job security and advancementNone at all● ManagementI heard Campbell's soup bought them i hope● OverallYOU DO NOT WANT TO WORK HERE THE SORCE TEMP SERVICE IS A JOKE NO PROFESSIONALISM JUST WARM BODYS CHICKEN 8 PEICE CHICKEN DINNER BISCUITS AND FIXING GOLORE"

Shift Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I Have been an employee for over a year having never missed a day in that time. On 7/18/20 I was running a fever of 100.3° this is a risk factor for covid-19 by any companies standards besides B&G they say 100.4 I attempted to call in out of caution. The area coach and GM told me I had to come. I got fired that day for letting them know it's sad customer and employee health is not a priority.Poor management, lack of proper training, low pay, high stress, lack of opportunities"

Filler Operator (Current Employee) says

"Clabber girl is a joke since B&G bought them. They work you 7 days a week, management is awful, they punish their employees like children for asking questions, benefits are awful and they don't care about their employees. This is the worst place in town! But hey they pay good so I guess that is something NOT!PayEverything else"

Team Trainer (Current Employee) says

"Bad management. Negative atmosphere. Low pay. Hard to get a raise. Horrible hours. Short staffed 95% of the time. No benefits. Always out of something. More stressful than it’s worth., stay away....."

Regional Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Too much drama within the organization, too many cliques and if you don’t belong to them, you’ll never move up the ladder. Many employees that work in the office are like zombies not very helpful in your job. Too much daily confusion and too much daily stresses about making the numbers with their declining sales and horrible brands nobody wants. Competition is killing themHours are flexibleNo back up from your managers"

Order Picker (Former Employee) says

"During the time I worked there two memorable incidents took place, the first was that a coworker (someone that I considered to be a friend) was fired by a former HR manager because he had run out of FMLA hours caring for his wife, he had become ill himself and was unable to come to work, he was fired and died the next day. The second memorable incident was the day a bomb threat was called in to the facility, none of the employees were either informed about it or evacuated, the packaging lines never stopped running. These incidents were typical of the company culture, how 'the help' were thought of and treated."

Operations & Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"Daily multi-unit operations. Manage different locations Must be on call in case anything happens and micromanaged must always be available day or night and be ready to change your day in a min notice."

Glass inspector (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work, everything you do is wrong. They will no hesitate to tell you that they can fire you, just as quick as they hired you. They have no respect for anyone but themselves."

Operations Specialist Sr (Former Employee) says

"there is nothing wrong with any company it's the lack of professionals that are in these establishments that grants the unfortunate image that ruins the brand name hence the companies imageGreat locationpoor management ALL around"

Taco Bell Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"They were so mean to me I would go home and cry about how horrible it was to work there. I was the only white girl at Taco Bell they picked on me so much I couldn't take it anymore to be in that position in my life anymore. Looking for a peaceful workplace a place I can call my own.DiscountsRude mean didn't care about feelings"

Forklift Operator/order selector (Current Employee) says

"Don't waste your time!!!! Bad management So divided Bad pay Crazy hours Crazy drama No hr department High turn-over ratethat i have a jobno hire on opportunities even after being a temp for one year with company, no benefits, bad hours"

Service Champion (Former Employee) says

"The store manager throws people around and treats em rudely, im sorry but i wasnt down for that at all. She is very inconsiderate towards employees, most the time"

Prodution Worker (Former Employee) says

"Sanitation was fun but if u missed a day because u were sick u got written up but it's ok for the supervisor to miss as many days even Durning a audit the lead had to do it all... It's hard work during green season coughing and choking because of hot peppers but hours are definitely there during green seasonSnack machinesManagers are out sick it's ok but if u miss or are out sick u get written up or fired"

Worker 1 (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for about 6 months and I never, never found anybody that enjoyed their job or the atmosphere. Horrible corporate trainer for maintenance and the maint. managers do not last more than 1.5 years. It is a very broken down place that runs at about 40-60 percent efficiency. Very old machinery and so, so hot in warmer weather. Upper management just wants you to do your job and that is all. Don't complain or you will be replaced.nonetoo many too mention."

Accounts Payable Clerk (Former Employee) says

"poor management, no room to advance, no encouragement, spoken down to, deceitful. boss very demanding with unclear ideas as to what you're needed to dosteady scheduleterrible pay, no support"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Also company to work for if it's cold outside it's freezing inside if it's hot outside it's sweltering on the inside very old building lots of breakdowns the bosses show favoritism and I'm pretty sure most of them are prejudiced..Stressful place to work and no respect from higher ups...Worst place ive ever workedPaid weeklyNo heat or a.C no respect no advancement"

Warehouse Lead Man (Former Employee) says

"Glad I was laid off I gave so much to this company and I got nothing in return No Human Resources plant supervisor ran it as my way or no way broke a lot of rulesOvertime was goodFacility was not managed right no Human Resources"

Laborer (Current Employee) says

"Hands down the worst place I have worked in my life. Tiny place, not even a place to sit down and relax on your short break times because they force so many people to work 12 hour shifts and not enough seats in the break room. A lot of people are miserable because they work 72 hours a week and every Saturday. The climate in Stoughton is volatile. Line supervisors are powerless. onlyythere to force you to work 12hours"

Previous employer (Former Employee) says

"Watch out. B and G foods in Stoughton WI has some serious issues. They can't keep employees. Forced working 72 hour week overtime. Management is horrible. Training is slim to none. Expected to get it all right away and on your own in less than 8 hours in that area. Stressful environment. Unhappy employees. Machines breaking down. Wasted materials. If you value your happiness and home life, DO NOT APPLY!!!!"

Ex Employee (Former Employee) says

"This place sucks. Yes steady workflow but management suck. They show you and 5 minutes later you on your own. All different cultures. No supervision....a line leader (stupervisor) caught a quality inspector giving oral to another employee...lines not able to flow smoothly because line leaders, PMOs, etc. go on their breaks but others have to get them as they come OR ARE FIRED. Labor board needs to pop up especially on 3rd"

anthony says

"I bought a jar of Polaner Jelly and it was so terrible I couldn't keep it but I had not saved my sales receipt (who thought jelly could be so bad). I tried the online consumer affairs forms but time after troubleshooting time I was unable to jump through the computer hoops and I could not submit a complaint. Then I called the company. I explained that the jelly I bought was terrible and I also tried to explain that their on-line service was defective. Frustrating conversation but they said they would send me $3.99. I waited two months; no check. I wrote to the company and got a response that they will send me the $3.99. I waited a month; no check. I just wrote a new note and god knows what they won't bring. Was $3.99 too much for them to act on in an attempt to please a customer who is, you can imagine, beyond pleasing."

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